Vijay G, Political Thinker

Today we are going to details about the Great and Renowned Political Thinker of India Sri Vijay G

Vijay G
Political Thinker and philosopher

Vijay G The Great Political Thinker is a very simple and popular personality in the field of politics and corporate, He operated his programme from Delhi the heart of India. He is always working on his political theory and his working hours are around 15 – 16 hours per Day without any vacation even working on holiday and Sunday also. He has not attended any marriage party, social programs and Functions during his working life. But during his studies life some function and party that not more than three social programs and Functions and marriage party in his whole life.

I think he made for work and work only, really his working and lifestyle is showing that he is also a Devoted, Dynamic and such a great personality of the world, we should salute him for his great contribution to our Nation.

Vijay G is a renowned and Great political Thinker as well as economist of India, He has given many theories related to politics and economics. He is highly motivated and high thinking with a simple living personality. He has contributed his time in political training as well as economic training and global personality creation training programs. His most popular and Learning Debate and Discussion programme is RAJNITEE ME ROJGAR. Which should participate in all persons who are interested in politics or working in politics either full time politics or part time politics. He has given many theories and knowledge of Rajnitee Me Rojgar and special training on this topic. Vijay G is such a great Political Thinker and philosopher.

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Vijay G, Political Thinker

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